So Today I Am Putting Myself Out There

I have tried to be open to so many new things that come my way from the paleo diet for health and weight loss to removing gluten from my diet to using green non chemical cleaning product from our house.  This is just something my husband and I have tried to do for ourselves and our kids.

So when I was asked what I knew about acupuncture and acupressure by my chiropractor at my last visit I was very open to hearing about what it could do for us.  I mean, after all, the Chinese have been using it for hundreds of years right?

So while I was a little skeptical about putting needles in my body I went ahead and let Finish Line Acupuncture stick me and it was not nearly as bad as I thought.  While the sensation is a little weird, it doesn’t hurt and I did feel rejuvenated after.

Here is a picture.AcupunctureSunil Ramlall